A bit About Shelly

Shelly Maheshwari Gupta is a renowned celebrity Astrologer, Certified Face Yoga Expert, Occult Science Expert, and four-time beauty pageant winner. She has spent the last two decades studying and practising the art of ancient wellness rituals like Face Yoga and through these, has been a proven example of ageless beauty.

Early on in her life, Shelly was introduced to the deep connection of Astrology & the human body. So, by the time she got certified in Face Yoga and Massage, she knew she had to combine the power of the stars with self-care.

That’s how Elixr by Shelly was born, after years of successfully (and naturally) transforming faces of over 1000 men & women across the globe, Shelly is launching a line of astrologically-inspired face massage tools that are designed with the different zodiac signs in mind, and the specific qualities and characteristics associated with each sign.


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